Documentation 2.x and 3.x

System log

Default way to log important events of your plugin

ImpressPages CMS has a default logging system. All logs are visible in Administrator -> Log tab.

Old logs are automatically removed. You can adjust for how long logs should be stored by changing administrator/log/parameters/log_size_in_days parameter.

Log your own values

$log = \Ip\ServiceLocator::getLog();
$log->log('yourPluginGroup/yourPluginName', 'Any value, for example, a text of an error');

If you like you can add additional string / integer / float data to the log entry:

$log = \Ip\ServiceLocator::getLog();
$errorStringValue = 'detailed error description / message';
$errorIntegerValue = 1;
$errorFloatValue = 0.5;
$log->log('yourPluginGroup/yourPluginName', 'Any name of error', $errorStringValue, $errorIntegerValue, $errorFloatValue);


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