ImpressPages 4.6.1

4.6.1 brings a bunch of fixes and improvements. The one worth looking at is that Map widget doesn't support width adjustment anymore. Now it is always takes 100% of the container width. This was necessary to fix responsiveness bugs.

The full list of  changes

            • Better breadcrumbField setting handling in GRID¬†
            • Faster image cropping when URL rewrites are disabled
            • Fix sequential image removal in gallery widget
            • Add LESS source maps to the compiled CSS
            • Remove width adjustment of Map widget to fix responsiveness bugs (#716)
            • Image gallery continuous removal of image without admin window flicking
            • Fix install issues when MySQL mode is strict
            • Better safe mode handling
            • Disable JavaScript execution in HTML widget while in admin mode
            • ipAdminWidgets filter to change widget grouping (tagging)
            • reload value in form response JSON reloads the current page
            • fixed Checkboxes field update if none of the checkboxes is set

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