ImpressPages 4.8.0

Fixed CSRF  check

Apparently, CSRF check was broken in recent version. Please make sure all your code passes securityToken value when doing POST requests as doing POST without securityToken will fail after the update. Read more about what the security token is.

Changes in  ImpressPages core

We haven't touched the core features for a while. Now decided to do some refactoring in the bootstrap engine of ImpressPages. None of your websites should be affected due to this change because just very specific functions have been changed. Nevertheless, we state it as a major version update, so that you double-check if you don't use any of changed functionality. Please see the list bellow for all changes.

Fulll list of changes

  • Fixed CSRF check
  • Fixed redirects with protocol relative URLs (#815)
  • ipBeforeController event now won't pass a redundant value controllerType
  • before, if you had a custom route rule with 'page' option set, and the given page has a redirect setting in admin, that redirect would work instead of the route. Now the route is always executed even if given page has a redirect rule
  • removed confusing ipRoute()->environment() method

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