ImpressPages 4.9.0

This update requires PHP 5.5 or greater. This is due to requirements of updated libraries (Aura router, PSR, zend-i18n). If you update via the browser, you will encounter an alert, that the update has failed, but after the refresh, it will show 4.9.0 and everything must be OK. It is just the nasty way 4.8.1 version reacts to the update. Sorry about this.

If you clone ImpressPages from GIT, now you have to run composer install from the command line before installation. 

Changes in admin session handling

Admin session was never expiring if server session timeout was set to infinity. This now has been fixed and your login will expire if you close the browser for 30 min. If you keep the browser open, the session should never expire. If you want to change 30 min. to something else, add 'sessionMaxIdle' => number_of_seconds to the config.php file.

3rd party libraries are installed via composer

Now we use composer to install 3rd party libraries. If you install ImpressPages by downloading ZIP archive from our website, nothing changes for you. But if you clone from GIT, you have to run 'composer install' from the command line before using ImpressPages. If you are not familiar with Composer, please google on how to install it on your OS.

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