Releases 2015



  • application/json response in json files instead of text/json  #748
  • Japanese admin translations
  • Remove unnecesary title in Admin -> Pages section when list style type is used.
  • "path" setting in GRID field of RespositoryFile type
  • Fixed search functionality of Checkboxes GRID field
  • support of email addresses with new domain names
  • Fixed photo gallery settings submit bug #757 (thanks to Aurelijus)
  • Fixed record ordering in Admin -> System -> Email log page



  • gecko_spellcheck true in tinyMCE config by default
  • smaller paddings / margins in admin when window is smaller than 1000px
  • now supporting Config.slotImageQuality setting. Can be manually added to the storage table
  • updated translations
  • fixed some spelling mistakes
  • proper Email Log title
  • make gallery widget fail proof
  • better internal link handling when moving the website
  • ignoreDb setting in GRID



  • Fixed LESS compilation issues with multiline variable values (#722
  • Refactor session keep alive pings
  • filterExtensions option in RepositoryFile form field
  • Removal of deleted widgets in static blocks
  • Easy way to set Error404 page content
  • Fixed issues when moving page to another language caused PHP error
  • Use progressive JPEG by default
  • Better GRID configuration error handling
  • Use table name in GRID breadcrumb if no breadcrumbField setting defined



  • Better breadcrumbField setting handling in GRID 
  • Faster image cropping when URL rewrites are disabled
  • Fix sequential image removal in gallery widget
  • Add LESS source maps to the compiled CSS
  • Remove width adjustment of Map widget to fix responsiveness bugs (#716)
  • Image gallery continuous removal of image without admin window flicking
  • Fix install issues when MySQL mode is strict
  • Better safe mode handling
  • Disable JavaScript execution in HTML widget while in admin mode
  • ipAdminWidgets filter to change widget grouping (tagging)
  • reload value in form response JSON reloads the current page
  • fixed Checkboxes field update if none of the checkboxes is set



  • Hide widget groups if there are only core widgets available
  • Make it possible to translate widget groups
  • Allow 0 as default value in form inputs
  • Fixed exception when an empty activate.sql or deactivate.sql file was present in Setup dir
  • ipRoute()->parameters() and ipRoute()->parameter('variablename') methods
  • TextareaLang form input field
  • Preserve null values in \Ip\Form filterValues method
  • NullIfEmpty transformation in GRID field configuration
  • Autocomplete=off attribute in GRID forms
  • Attributes option support in GRID fields
  • Rename GRIDs internal hidden input field from hash to gridHash to make it less likely to conflict with user fields



  • Widget groups (thanks to HalcyonD) 
  • Fixed allowOrder setting in GRID (c0ee18)
  • Fixed GRID checkboxes field update if no checkboxes are set
  • ipSendEmail now supports also a string as a file to be attached to the email
  • faster page rendering
  • fixed Bootstrap's modal backdrop height calculation
  • fixed Bootstrap's double modal scroll issues
  • gallery widget management in popup



    • Color picker z-index (#679)
    • Not working scroll on large modal (#677)
    • Shifted logout icon (#676)
    • Broken administrator permissions page CSS (#674)
    • Plugins list hover style (#678) 



    • Multilingual fields in GRID!
    • Easy TinyMCE styles config in Theme/MyTheme/setup/admin.js
    • Extended actions configuration setting in GRID
    • actionsFilter setting in GRID
    • *.eps, *.svg extensions added to the white-list 
    • Fixed bug when checkbox can't be unchecked in plugin options
    • introduced ipRequest()->isAjax() method
    • default Submit form field class didn't allow to set custom layout on it. Fixed now
    • ipDesingOptionsSave filter
    • New Fieldset and RichText field types in form widget
    • Separate TinyMCE configuration for public and admin view
    • Nicer FileRepository file and Color fields in admin
    • Location search box in Map widget
    • Fixed page URL handling when user sets special character (e.g. %, *, + , ...) in URL (#662)
    • allow_script_urls: true setting in the default TinyMCE configuration
    • MaxLenght and MinLength validators
    • use setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C"); to make calculations easier in all languages
    • update FontAwesome library to 4.3.0
    • update Bootstrap to 3.3.2