ImpressPages – DRAG AND DROP CMS

ImpressPages is an open-source web CMS and a modern high-quality tool for website development and management.

Its most distinguishing features lie inside the drag&drop based user interface, which eases the whole process of running a website for both developers and content managers. 


The idea of ImpressPages simplicity and usability lies in the revolutionary drag&drop user interface. This neat feature allows users to edit pages on the go and as they see them. No more switching back and forth between admin panel and the page preview. Now everything’s in one place and it takes only a mouse click to add/remove content on your website.

Say, you are walking through your restaurant page and decided to add a new video of a chef making a gorgeous casserole. Simply pick the video widget, drag it to the place you wish to see it and place by dropping it. It’s that simple! And it works with all the widgets in your admin panel. The same principle applies to rearranging the order of your page layout as well. Just drag and drop!

With drag&drop feature we made content management effortless and less time consuming. Now website admins can juggle a number of websites at the same time without wasting their energy on needless tasks. 


other notable features:

Open-source and free

ImpressPages CMS is an absolutely free and open-source software and it is within every user’s right to modify it according to their needs. Use it for personal or commercial work, for simple or complex websites, just be sure to check if you comply with the obligations of GNU GPL v3 and MIT licenses.

Inline editing

Inline editing together with drag&drop user interface creates the friendliest software for content management. The advantage of inline editing is that you can see how the changes you make reflect on your website instantly. Edit texts, pictures, videos, drag and drop new widgets in a very convenient way.

Multilingual by default

Adding a new language for your website is a piece of cake with ImpressPages CMS. No hacks, plugins or even technical experience required - only a few clicks and the rest is done automatically. What’s more, website visitors can be instantly switched to the language matching their browser settings.


ImpressPages makes it is very easy to install pictures, galleries or even a table into the page is with a simple drag&drop feature. It allows any user to create and manage websites

- Markus Kaekenmeister,