It’s time to change the way we manage content. 
Easy code meets easy admin.


A new open-source PHP framework with easy content editor.

Empower people

From website developers to content managers, we meet you halfway. ImpressPages is designed for people to create beautiful websites with quality content.

Create websites with good content

ImpressPages is a modern high-quality tool for website development and management. From the point of quickly and easily building a new website, to administering it with no hassle.


How was the idea born?

The idea to develop an entirely new tool for website builders and managers came out of our daily experience of dealing with people who administer content on the website. As a rule, they’re no IT pros, while almost all tools in the market are developed to fulfil needs of the latter.

So why should I use it?

We decided to find the golden mean between complex and simple. Flexibility was the key unlocking doors to a totally new user experience one that’s compelling for both high-end developers and usability-seeking content managers.

What’s the solution?

ImpressPages provides people with total freedom and control over what they create. Being an open source framework it allows programmers to code without limits and then claim all the bragging rights. At the same time, having an easy admin interface with inline editing and drag&drop means you can work with complex websites even with no tech skills.


All together, we’re a team with a goal. We are those unsettling types who wish to fix things, or create things that don’t need fixing. Separately, we’re singers, dancers, fathers and life observers.

Audrius. CEO, Co-Founder

Audrius is a huge fan of HTML5, CSS3, web standards, simplicity and clean code. Audrius is dedicated to create software that lets you customize any bit of code. Not touching core it is! Talk to him about business and technical stuff.

audrius [at] impresspages.org 

Mangirdas. CTO, Co-Founder

Mangirdas is excited about new ideas, new technologies, new tools. He's mad about everything that's new! Mangirdas believes that all major software should be open source and free. Talk to him about technical stuff and new improvements.

mangirdas [at] impresspages.org

Mindaugas. CCO, Co-Founder

Mindaugas lives in, with and for design. He's dedicated to web design, usability and user experience on the web. Nice things are simple! Talk to him about marketing and design stuff.

mindaugas [at] impresspages.org

Algimantas. Developer

Algimantas wants to make the world a better place to live. He believes in Agile values and follows The Core principles. He loves cycling in summer, skiing in winter and dancing lindy hop at nights. Talk to him about technical stuff and the Core.

algimantas [at] impresspages.org


ImpressPages raised capital from venture capital fund Practica Seed Capital KŪB using the structural support for the 2007-2013 economic growth program, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


We could have never achieved and created what we have now without the huge support from our community members. Massive thank you’s for all!


2007  Eureka! moment

Sep 2009  ImpressPages alpha released

Jan 2011  Business accelerator “Difference Engine”

Nov 2011  The Most Promising Open-Source Award

Jul 2013  EUR 200.000 investment from venture capital fund Practica Capital

Oct 2013  ImpressPages CMS 3.6 released

Mar 2014  ImpressPages 4.0 released

Jan 2015  ImpressPages on the cloud

Today  Helping over 47k people to create and manage websites with less hassle