release history


  • Better breadcrumbField setting handling in GRID 
  • Faster image cropping when URL rewrites are disabled
  • Fix sequential image removal in gallery widget
  • Add LESS source maps to the compiled CSS
  • Remove width adjustment of Map widget to fix responsiveness bugs (#716)
  • Image gallery continuous removal of image without admin window flicking



  • Hide widget groups if there are only core widgets available
  • Make it possible to translate widget groups
  • Allow 0 as default value in form inputs
  • Fixed exception when an empty activate.sql or deactivate.sql file was present in Setup dir
  • ipRoute()->parameters() and ipRoute()->parameter('variablename') methods
  • TextareaLang form input field
  • Preserve null values in \Ip\Form filterValues method
  • NullIfEmpty transformation in GRID field configuration
  • Autocomplete=off attribute in GRID forms
  • Attributes option support in GRID fields
  • Rename GRIDs internal hidden input field from hash to gridHash to make it less likely to conflict with user fields



  • Widget groups (thanks to HalcyonD) 
  • Fixed allowOrder setting in GRID (c0ee18)
  • Fixed GRID checkboxes field update if no checkboxes are set
  • ipSendEmail now supports also a string as a file to be attached to the email
  • faster page rendering
  • fixed Bootstrap's modal backdrop height calculation
  • fixed Bootstrap's double modal scroll issues
  • gallery widget management in popup



    • Color picker z-index (#679)
    • Not working scroll on large modal (#677)
    • Shifted logout icon (#676)
    • Broken administrator permissions page CSS (#674)
    • Plugins list hover style (#678) 



    • Multilingual fields in GRID!
    • Easy TinyMCE styles config in Theme/MyTheme/setup/admin.js
    • Extended actions configuration setting in GRID
    • actionsFilter setting in GRID
    • *.eps, *.svg extensions added to the white-list 
    • Fixed bug when checkbox can't be unchecked in plugin options
    • introduced ipRequest()->isAjax() method
    • default Submit form field class didn't allow to set custom layout on it. Fixed now
    • ipDesingOptionsSave filter
    • New Fieldset and RichText field types in form widget
    • Separate TinyMCE configuration for public and admin view
    • Nicer FileRepository file and Color fields in admin
    • Location search box in Map widget
    • Fixed page URL handling when user sets special character (e.g. %, *, + , ...) in URL (#662)
    • allow_script_urls: true setting in the default TinyMCE configuration
    • MaxLenght and MinLength validators
    • use setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C"); to make calculations easier in all languages
    • update FontAwesome library to 4.3.0
    • update Bootstrap to 3.3.2



    • H4 - H6 settings in Heading widget #645
    • GRID sortDirection config fix
    • ipRoute()->name() method to get the name of current route.
    • ipEcommerce()->subscriptionCancelUrl() method
    • ipBeforeThemeInstalled & ipThemeInstalled events
    • Albanian translations
    • Better "Published/Publish" pages status handling
    • Better ipFormatPrice handling
    • Escape CSS and JS urls (#615)
    • Don't print empty ID attribute in Heading widget (#614)
    • ipThemes filter



    • Fixed bug when default value for checkbox was not being set in plugin options
    • Fixed bug which didn't allow to restore the default font for inline logo
    • Fixed pasting into an empty menu (829b2)
    • Fixed creating new page in the bottom posistion
    • Improved drag & drop placeholder position calculation
    • GRID createFormFilter and updateFormFilter configuration options
    • Check if sessions are working during the installation process
    • Fixed GRID ordering when field attribute is missing #642
    • ipUser()->data() returns empty array if user is not logged instead of PHP warning before



    • Support custom field types in theme options
    • Support note option in theme options configuration
    • Order fields in GRID by clicking the label of the field LAYOUT VIEW FILES HAVE CHANGED. UPDATE IF YOU HAVE DONE CHANGES TO GRID VIEW FILES
    • Fix bug when pagination was disappearing after selecting 10 records per page. #640
    • Show previous page after deletion of the last record on the last page in GRID. #600
    • ipContent()->getDefaultPageId() method
    • Moving GRID record to desired position by entering position number
    • Pagination in pages section of list type menus
    • Fixed form widget success message appearance



    • Interface to change items per page setting in GRID
    • Improved safemode handling. 
    • Clear cache button in System section of admin and ipCacheClear event.
    • Changed Ip/Internal/Config/view/javascript.php view file. Please keep in mind if your website overrides this view file
    • Updated TinyMCE core
    • Text color tools added to the default text editor configuration
    • Background color option for table cells in text editor
    • Use plugin title in admin bar (#602)
    • Paste page bellow selected page if one is selected
    • Contact form now scrolls to the "Thank You" message if it is not visible after form submit
    • Fix URL duplication if all langauges of the website have URL field specified (#637)
    • Better Right To Left languages support
    • defult replaceHtml method after form submit now scrolls the page if HTML goes out of the view
    • Info field type in GRID
    • layout setting in all GRID fields



    • style select interface for Colorbox plugin
    • attributes setting support in text slot
    • update URLs when website is moved from one domain to another (59e7e)
    • fix dates in publish button submenu
    • implemented admin translations inside plugin (96bf9)
    • fixed invalid HTML in repository popup (thanks to Ahmet Faruk Bora)
    • ipWidgetHtmlFull filter
    • rel="nofollow" setting in Image and Gallery widgets
    • overcoming PHP bug which was breaking Turkish translations
    • validators option support in plugin options
    • support passing string as a validators option of field
    • multilingual form field TextLang
    • fixed double escape which lead to improperly displayed special characters
    • fixed three columns layout when locale requires comma in float numbers (465f2)
    • Config.trailingSlash setting to require or disable trailing slash at the end of URL
    • automatically added canonical meta tag for pages with / without trailing slash when needed
    • additional GRID JavaScript events



    • Fixed admin login layout if fileOverrides setting is in place (4e280)
    • Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Delete in Pages section to delete the selected page (aae59)
    • Fixed Error 404 page translations
    • ipHead filter



      • Url field type in GRID
      • fileLimit setting in File input
      • Preserve custom text styles while pasting the content
      • createdAt field of revision table changed to timestamp
      • Fixed color of link with button style on it in Air theme
      • Better Turkish translations
      • Locale is set using setLocale according to the language being viewed
      • Implemented Url Browse field in image and gallery widgets settings
      • Language settings gear icon is now hidden if user has no right to access Languages section
      • Preview button leads to the revision of revision being edited at the moment instead of the published revision
      • Fixed admin layout override in theme
      • Add LESS variable even if theme option value is '0'
      • Fixed RepositoryFile input layout (#499)
      • Fix LESS compilation if empty variable is used in LESS function
      • Form's addFeldset method now supports string as a parameter
      • Old email cleanup, revisions cleanup and anonymous uploads options in config
      • New permission Config advanced added to the permissions list.
      • Now you can use icon.png in your plugin (not only icon.svg)
      • Updated translations



      • Fixed transliteration warning if transliteration id is missing in Intl library (3a355b8)
      • Italian language in installation script (credit goes to Alfonso67)



      • Interface to choose destination position of new page
      • Implement keyboard 'Delete' key in Pages section of admin
      • Fixed bug when page creation date was changed on time of sorting
      • Fixed bug in email queueing that prevented emails from being sent
      • Fixed root language detection when user comes back to root from another language 
      • breadcrumbField setting in GRID
      • Don't show GRID breadcrumb in first level
      • Fixed type option in menu creation method (ad684)
      • Fixed urlOverride setting compatibility with Captcha form field (00291)
      • Utf8 support in html2text conversion (b4c57)
      • Fixed transliteration of cyrilyc symbols



      • Fix nested GRID update form
      • Radio field in GRID
      • Radio field now supports short syntax for 'values' setting. Eg. array('value1', 'value2', ...)
      • RepositoryFile input type support in theme options (useful to add background as an option)
      • Repository browser now shows thumbnails by default
      • RepositoryField shows links to uploaded files
      • Update page modification and creation dates when page is duplicated 
      • min-width setting on inline managed elements to be visible when no content present
      • fix image autosize to it's actual size
      • ipContent()->addMenu($langugeCode, $alias) method
      • ipContent()->deleteMenu($languageCode, $alias) method
      • fixed few incompatibilities with SQLite



      • tinyMceConfig setting in text slot. 
      • ipInlineManagementTinyMceConfig function to alter all inline text TinyMCE configurations in text slot.
      • fixed list/blog style pages management 



      •  Don't throw html2text warnings / errors while sending emails f5bb4e
      • SQLite support. Installation doesn't have the option to select it as not all plugins work on SQLite. But you can set SQLite driver after installion in your configuration settings. Thanks to Chris Vigelius.
      • ipPagesMenuList filter
      • GRID createFilter setting
      • GRID gatewayData setting
      • Updated main GRID view file (Ip/Internal/Grid/view/placeholder.php). Please update if you have overrides of this file

      4.2.0 Payment systems




      • Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.3.x
      • New gallery images are added at the top. Set Content.imageGalleryPosition to bottom in storage for old bihaviour
      • Force removal of files in the repository even if they are used somewhere on the website (eg. old revisions).



      • Fixed darg & drop on touch devices 
      • Automatically scroll to the first error after form submit
      • Implemented tabs in GRID modals
      • Implemented nested GRID and even recursive GRID.
      • ipContent()->getMenus($languageCode)
      • ipContent()->getMenu($languageCode, $menuAlias)
      • getAttribute method in \Ip\Form\Fieldset class
      • Fixed mod_rewrite check at install
      • Fixed repository bug when URL rewrites were disabled
      • Implemented realTimeReflections setting in config.php to enable or disable real time reflections





      • Admin interface language selection
      • Widgets in route controlled pages
      • Code cleanup / docblocks
      • InArray validator fix
      • support one more Vimeo format in video widget
      • added an overlay on HTML widget in admin mode to make edit function easier
      • change form widget's submit button text in widget settings popup
      • fix ipBrowseLink(callback) function. 
      • fix image slot on error404 and other pages that don't have ID in the database



      • Plugin installation from within CMS
      • Fixed TinyMCE editor styles ( 



      • ipFormatBytes function now require context argument
      • all ipFormat... functions accepts optional languageCode parameters instead of languageId
      • GRID 'joinQuery' support to manage joined tables
      • GRID filterUpdate method
      • GRID exclude individual fields from search
      • ipRoute() shorthand to get information about current route
      • Easier install
      • Better support of time zone setting in ipFormatTime functions
      • Bug fixes
      • collecting ImpressPages usage statistics to improve the software



      Fixed ugly JS bug which prevented widgets to be dragged if no text editor is active. Introduced in 4.0.15 while improving usability.



      • Create new pages as sub-pages of selected page
      • Automatically inherit default menu layout in new pages
      • GRID search fix on PHP 5.5
      • Form field 'css' option fix
      • New form field 'Info' that outputs any HTML you put in 'html' property
      • Improved blog style management of menu
      • Auto cleanup old files from tmp dir



      • Fix double escape if server has magic_quotes directive ON
      • ipFormatBytes($bytes) function. Thanks to gergo85
      • Better error handling in GRID
      • Fixed GRID pagination issue that sometimes appeared with pagerSize <= 5 




      Bugs fixed

      • Inline image per language
      • Heading anchor
      • Many & many others

      API changes

      • ipGetOptionLang and ipGetOptionLang now accept language code instead of language id.
      • use ipGetOptionLang('Config.websiteEmail') and ipGetOptionLang('Config.websiteTitle') instead of ipGetOption to get website email and website title.
      • New events and filters