Function ipSendEmail()

ipSendEmail — Send e-mail message


ipSendEmail ( string $from , string $fromName , string $to , string $toName , string $subject , string $content , [ boolean $urgent ] , [ boolean $html ] , [ string|array|null $files ] )

Send e-mail message Adds new e-mail to the queue. If possible, ImpressPages will send the email immediately. If hourly e-mail limit is exhausted, emails will be sent in the next hour. ImpressPages always preserve 20% of hourly limit for urgent emails. So even if you have just added thousands of non urgent e-mails, urgent e-mails will still be sent immediately. Set $urgent parameter to false when delivery time is not so important, like newsletters, etc. And set $urgent to true, when sending notification about purchase, etc.

Package: ImpressPages


string $from Sender's e-mail address
string $fromName Sender's name
string $to Recipient's email address
string $toName Recipient's name
string $subject Message subject
string $content Content to be sent (html or plain text. See $html attribute). If you need e-mail templates, use ipEmailTemplate() function to generate the content.
boolean $urgent = true E-mail urgency
boolean $html = true HTML mode. Set to false for plain text mode.
string|array|null $files = null Full pathname of the file to be attached or array of pathnames.

Send e-mail message

ipSendEmail("[email protected]", "Sender name", "[email protected]", "Recipient name", "Email subject", "<div>Hello John Smith, </div><div>This is a test e-mail.</div>");

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