A response is an output produced by MVC controller.

To output from a controller, you have either to return a string or \Ip\Response object. There are following extended types:

  • \Ip\Response\Json
  • \Ip\Response\Layout
  • \Ip\Response\PageNotFound
  • \Ip\Response\Redirect

You can implement your own reponse types by extending \Ip\Response class.

A controller should never echo output by itself.

Output a string

 This will render default theme layout with retuned string as a content for main block.

return 'Hello world';

Output in JSON format

 Mostly used for AJAX interactions

return new \Ip\Response\Json( array('exampleMessage' => 'Hello world'));

Display 404 Page not found message

 This will display error 404 page with correct headers.

return new \Ip\Response\PageNotFound();

Redirect a browser to some other page

return new \Ip\Response\Redirect('');

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