Thinking in ImpressPages

You can use ImpressPages as any other framework. Plugin/Application is main folder where your controller, routes, views and assets go.

In addition to that you have fully featured CMS with drag & drop capabilities on the side and plugin architecture which lets you do anything you like. Each plugin has its own controllers, models and views.

All theme related HTML files and assets go to the Theme directory. If you want to start putting your own HTML as quick as possible, start with theme's layout article.

These links are the best to start learning ImpressPages. Later extend left menu and look for subjects you are interested in.

How to use the documentation

On the left, you see the most important topics we think is good to start learning with. When you start to get familiar with ImpressPages, press "expand" to get the full list of topics ordered by alphabet. If you look for API style o documentation, visit Classes and Functions sections. This is the best way to provide the documentation. And here is why.

How to get started with ImpressPages

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