Function ipAddCss()

ipAddCss — Add CSS file from your plugin or theme


ipAddCss ( string $file , [ array $attributes ] , [ integer $priority ] )

Add CSS file from your plugin or theme After adding all CSS files, use ipHead() function to generate HTML head.

Package: ImpressPages


string $file CSS file pathname. Can be provided as URL address, a pathname relative to current directory or to website root. Place CSS files in assets subdirectory of a theme or a plugin.
array $attributes = null Attributes for HTML <link> tag. For example, attribute argument array('id' => 'example') adds HTML attribute id="example"
integer $priority = 50 CSS priority (loading order). The lower the number the higher the priority.

Use ipAddCss function for adding CSS files from your plugin or theme. First, add links to your CSS files using this function, then use ipHead function to generate appropriate HTML code.

    echo ipHead();

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