Installing ImpressPages


To install ImpressPages, you need a basic server with PHP and MySQL. 

Detailed requirements:

  • Apache server 
  • Apache "mod_rewrite" module
  • Apache "mod_headers" module
  • PHP 5.3.3 or newer
  • PHP GD library
  • PHP mbstring library
  • PHP curl library
  • PHP PDO library
  • MySQL 5 and higher 
  • 30+ MB free disk space
  • ini_set function enabled


  • PHP PECL intl library (better number, currency and date formatting)

Installation steps

  • Extract the downloaded files to the folder on your server where you want ImpressPages to be installed. Be sure you don't miss .htaccess. Linux hides all the files that starts with dot by default.
  • Then type appropriate URL in your browser. You will see the installation wizard. Follow the instructions until installation completes.


ImpressPages will try to create a database for you if your provided database user has permission to do so.  Most shared host providers don't allow that. In that case please create the database manually on your host management panel. 

It is very important to set utf8_general_ci collation on the database. Otherwise you won't be able to use non Latin characters.

This is how you can do this using phpMyAdmin:

  • log into phpMyAdmin
  • select your database from the list on the left
  • click on "Operations" from the top set of tabs
  • in the Collation box, choose utf8_general_ci collation from the dropdown menu
  • click go.

Known problems

  • If installation hangs on database creation step using as database host, try to use localhost instead of ip address. This problem might be caused by your MySQL server configuration. The opposite is possible on EasyPHP, where installation my hang when using localhost.
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