View (MVC)

ImpressPages views are plain HTML / PHP files placed in plugin's view subdirectory.

Render a view from a file and data array

$data = array (
    'variable1' => 'value1',
    'variable2' => 'value2'
$renderedHtml = ipView('view/myCustomOptions.php', $data)->render();

Using variable in view/myCustomOptions.php file

echo esc($variable1);

Overriding a default view in a theme

To override a default view for a menu, a breadcrumb or other ImpressPages core elements, place your files into corresponding subdirectory inside your theme's override directory. For example, to override a view of default ImpressPages menu /Ip/Internal/Config/view/menu.php create a corresponding Theme/xxx/override/Ip/Internal/Config/view/menu.php file. 

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