Nice and SEO friendly URLs (mod_rewrite)

ImpressPages uses nice URLs by default. But if the server can't handle this you will see a warning about that during installation next to mod_rewrite feature. As a result, your website's URLs will look like this /index.php/... and you will have additional rewritesDisabled setting in config.php file.

If that happens, check these things:

  • You have Apache mod_rewrite module enabled
  • The virtual host, you are using, has the directive AllowOverride All

When you are done, remove rewritesDisabled setting from config.php file.


The same applies to nginx server. You just have to use nginx configuration instead of mod_rewrite module.

Slash at the end

 By default, ImpressPages adds a slash at the end of each URL. You can change this setting in Config -> Advanced section of admin.

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