Class Language

Website language support class

Namespace: Ip


__construct( mixed $id , mixed $code , mixed $url , mixed $longDescription , mixed $shortDescription , mixed $visible , mixed $textDirection )


mixed $id
mixed $code
mixed $url
mixed $longDescription
mixed $shortDescription
mixed $visible
mixed $textDirection
getByCode( mixed $languageCode )
string getTitle( )

Get language title

Return values:

string Eg. English
string getAbbreviation( )

Get language abbreviation

Return values:

string Eg. en
integer getId( )

Get language id

Return values:

string getCode( )

Get language code

Return values:

string Eg. en, en-us
string getUrlPath( )

Get language URL partial

Return values:

boolean isVisible( )

Check if the language is visible on a web site

Return values:

boolean Returns true, if visible
string getTextDirection( )

Get text direction.

Return values:

string Returns either "ltr" or "rtl"
isCurrent( )

Check if the language is current page language


boolean Returns true if this language is the language of currently displayed page
string getLink( )

Generate language URL

Return values:

string Returns link to home page if multilingual option is turned off

Properties summary

public mixed $shortDescription

string - eg. EN

public mixed $longDescription

string - eg. English

public mixed $url


public mixed $code

string - RFC 4646 code. Eg. en, en-us

public mixed $visible


public mixed $id


public mixed $textDirection

string - text direction

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