ImpressPages gets e-commerce support

ImpressPages 4.2 comes with e-commerce support for regular payments and subscriptions. We have separated checkout logic from payments. That means all payment methods available on ImpressPages can be used on any plugin no matter that they were build by different authors.

We have an easy to use SimpleProduct widget to sell physical, downloadable or virtual goods. Be aware to install at least one of the payment methods alongside and you can start selling in no time:

Braintree - to accept all types of credit cards without leaving your website

2checkout - to accept credit cards where PayPal or Braintree doesn't work

Paysera - for payments using bank transfer and bank links.

PayPal - to accept credit cards securely

The same infrastructure has been built for subscriptions too. We have SubscriptionButton widget and PayPal subscriptions payment method. Payment methods for subscriptions differ in their nature. You can't use standard payment method for subscriptions and vice verse.

Full list of fixes and improvements


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