ImpressPages 4.2.3

New ImpressPages version is all about small details that are so important! Many small fixes and improvements make your day to day life nicer.

Full list of fixes and improvements

  • Fix nested GRID update form
  • Radio field in GRID
  • Radio field now supports short syntax for 'values' setting. Eg. array('value1', 'value2', ...)
  • RepositoryFile input type support in theme options (useful to add background as an option)
  • Repository browser now shows thumbnails by default
  • RepositoryField shows links to uploaded files
  • Update page modification and creation dates when page is duplicated 
  • min-width setting on inline managed elements to be visible when no content present
  • fix image autosize to it's actual size
  • ipContent()->addMenu($langugeCode, $alias) method
  • ipContent()->deleteMenu($languageCode, $alias) method
  • fixed few incompatibilities with SQLite

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