ImpressPages 4.2.4

Improved usability of Pages section and fixed critical bug in email queuing.

Pages section improvements

Now when creating new page, you can choose where new page has to be placed:

  • on top
  • above selected page
  • as a child
  • bellow selected page
  • at the  bottom

In addition to that ImpressPages remembers your last choice for each menu making it feel like ImpressPages knows what you want.

Removing the page is much easier now as you can use 'delete' button on your keyboard. And after the deletion of one page, the next one is being selected. So you can quickly remove a series of pages without touching the mouse.

Critical bug in email queueing

Recent updates making ImpressPages compatible with SQLite introduced a bug which may lead in emails stopped being send from email queue. All the emails are safe. You can see them in email log section of admin. If there are any unset emails on your website, they will be sent during one hour after you update.

Full list of fixes and improvements

    • Interface to choose destination position of new page
    • Implement keyboard 'Delete' key in Pages section of admin
    • Fixed bug when page creation date was changed on time of sorting
    • Fixed bug in email queueing that prevented emails from being sent
    • Fixed root language detection when user comes back to root from another language 
    • breadcrumbField setting in GRID
    • Don't show GRID breadcrumb in first level
    • Fixed type option in menu creation method (ad684)
    • Fixed urlOverride setting compatibility with Captcha form field (00291)
    • Utf8 support in html2text conversion (b4c57)
    • Fixed transliteration of cyrilyc symbols

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