ImpressPages 4.2.6

More options in config, updated translations and many many small fixes.

Simpler configuration section

We always try to make thing more feature rich and  simple at the same time. This time we have made configuration section even simpler. Now there are just two fields in it that are very easy to understand. CRON options are hidden under "Advanced options" link with addition of old emails and old revisions cleanup settings introduced in this release too.

Updated translations

We have many new strings translated by the community this month. All those tranlsations are now included in GIT by default. For those who want to join and make ImpressPages available in their own language, please register on Transifex and start translating. If you do translations on GitHub, that creates us additional job to sync translations with Transifex and cold be the cause of disappeared translations.

Full list of improvements and fixes

  • Url field type in GRID
  • fileLimit setting in File input
  • Preserve custom text styles while pasting the content
  • createdAt field of revision table changed to timestamp
  • Fixed color of link with button style on it in Air theme
  • Better Turkish translations
  • Locale is set using setLocale according to the language being viewed
  • Implemented Url Browse field in image and gallery widgets settings
  • Language settings gear icon is now hidden if user has no right to access Languages section
  • Preview button leads to the revision of revision being edited at the moment instead of the published revision
  • Fixed admin layout override in theme
  • Add LESS variable even if theme option value is '0'
  • Fixed RepositoryFile input layout (#499)
  • Fix LESS compilation if empty variable is used in LESS function
  • Form's addFeldset method now supports string as a parameter
  • Old email cleanup, revisions cleanup and anonymous uploads options in config
  • New permission Config advanced added to the permissions list.
  • Now you can use icon.png in your plugin (not only icon.svg)
  • Updated translations 

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