ImpressPages 4.2.8

Here we have one more update. So many small imporovements! The change worth to mention is trailing slash added at the end of each page url. Old websites will keep having the same URL structure. But newly installed websites will have trailing slash at the end of all URLs. In case you don't like it, you can turn it off in Configuration section of admin. In theory pages with trailing slash at the end should load faster in Apache. In either case, all pages will be accessible without trailing slash too and will have canonical meta tag to avoid content duplication and make it perfect for both: users and SEO.

Next release will be focued to add missing features to GRID.

Full list of improvements and fixes

    • style select interface for Colorbox plugin
    • attributes setting support in text slot
    • update URLs when website is moved from one domain to another (59e7e)
    • fix dates in publish button submenu
    • implemented admin translations inside plugin (96bf9)
    • fixed invalid HTML in repository popup (thanks to Ahmet Faruk Bora)
    • ipWidgetHtmlFull filter
    • rel="nofollow" setting in Image and Gallery widgets
    • overcoming PHP bug which was breaking Turkish translations
    • validators option support in plugin options
    • support passing string as a validators option of field
    • multilingual form field TextLang
    • fixed double escape which lead to improperly displayed special characters
    • fixed three columns layout when locale requires comma in float numbers (465f2)
    • Config.trailingSlash setting to require or disable trailing slash at the end of URL
    • automatically added canonical meta tag for pages with / without trailing slash when needed
    • additional GRID JavaScript events

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