ImpressPages 4.4.0
GRID improvements

ImpressPages GRID is one of the most powerful tools enabling you to create data management tools in minutes. Now introducing two long waited features:

    • Order records by clicking column label
    • Move record to any position by entering position number (single mouse click on drag handle)

    In addition to other improvements  made this year, GRID becomes the best friend of your day to day development:

    • Pagination with page size setting
    • Nested tables
    • Tabs
    • 13 field types
    • Filters / events

    Before updating

    As you can see the second version number has been increased again. This is due to changes to GRID view files. That means if you have overridden some of GRID view files in your theme, have a look if your modifications still work.

    Full list of improvements and fixes

    • Support custom field types in theme options
    • Support note option in theme options configuration
    • Order fields in GRID by clicking the label of the field LAYOUT VIEW FILES HAVE CHANGED. UPDATE IF YOU HAVE DONE CHANGES TO GRID VIEW FILES
    • Fix bug when pagination was disappearing after selecting 10 records per page. #640
    • Show previous page after deletion of the last record on the last page in GRID. #600
    • ipContent()->getDefaultPageId() method
    • Moving GRID record to desired position by entering position number
    • Pagination in pages section of list type menus
    • Fixed form widget success message appearance

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