ImpressPages 4.5.0
Multilingual GRID!

We are very happy to announce an availability of multilingual fields in GRID. That brings the whole concept of a GRID to the new level.

Map widget got search field, contact form widget got Fieldset, RichText and Checkboxes fields. And many other improvements listed bellow.

Full list of improvements and fixes

      • Multilingual fields in GRID!
      • Easy TinyMCE styles config in Theme/MyTheme/setup/admin.js
      • Extended actions configuration setting in GRID
      • actionsFilter setting in GRID
      • *.eps, *.svg extensions added to the white-list 
      • Fixed bug when checkbox can't be unchecked in plugin options
      • introduced ipRequest()->isAjax() method
      • default Submit form field class didn't allow to set custom layout on it. Fixed now
      • ipDesingOptionsSave filter
      • New Fieldset and RichText field types in form widget
      • Separate TinyMCE configuration for public and admin view
      • Nicer File, Repository file and Color fields in admin
      • Location search box in Map widget
      • Fixed page URL handling when user sets special character (e.g. %, *, + , ...) in URL (#662)
      • allow_script_urls: true setting in the default TinyMCE configuration
      • MaxLenght and MinLength validators
      • use setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C"); to make calculations easier in all languages
      • update FontAwesome library to 4.3.0
      • update Bootstrap to 3.3.2

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