ImpressPages 4.6.0

It is all about GRID and forms...

The full list of fixes and improvements

          • Hide widget groups if thereĀ are only core widgets available
          • Make it possible to translate widget groups
          • Allow 0 as default value in form inputs
          • Fixed exception when an empty activate.sql or deactivate.sql file was present in Setup dir
          • ipRoute()->parameters() and ipRoute()->parameter('variablename') methods
          • TextareaLang form input field
          • Preserve null values in \Ip\Form filterValues method
          • NullIfEmpty transformation in GRID field configuration
          • Autocomplete=off attribute in GRID forms
          • Attributes option support in GRID fields
          • Rename GRIDs internal hidden input field from hash to gridHash to make it less likely to conflict with userĀ fields

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