ImpressPages is an open-source web CMS, a modern high-quality tool for website development and management 

Its most distinguishing features lie inside the inline editing based user interface, which eases the whole process of running a website for both developers and content managers.

Edit your page as you see it

Inline editing is one of the cornerstones of ImpressPages CMS. Built to fulfill the idea of simplicity and usability, it allows users to edit pages not from somewhere under the hood, but right on the spot as they browse through their websites. With just one line of code content management is made super easy.

Inline content editing eliminates the need to switch back and forth between the admin panel and page preview. Now your page is your dashboard and vice versa. You can add new widgets by simply picking them up from the dashboard and drag&dropping to the place you wish to see them. Inline editing means all the changes you make are reflected at once!

With inline editing we made content management a fun and less time consuming activity. Now even administering a bigger number of websites is easy as the website admins can focus on content and not painstaking technical tasks.


Other features

Open-source and free

ImpressPages CMS is an open-source and absolutely free software providing every user the right to modify it according to their personal needs. Our system can be used to create anything from simple personal pages to complex commercial websites. You only have to make sure it meets the obligations of GNU GPL v3 and MIT licenses.

Simply drag&drop

This neat feature allows users to easily add/remove content on their pages. Add new widgets by simply picking them from the admin panel and drag&dropping to the right place on your page. It’s that simple! The same principle applies to rearranging the order of your page layout as well. With drag&drop and inline editing content management becomes effortless and fun.

Easy tool for multilingual websites

ImpressPages is an exceptionally comfortable tool for multilingual websites. You can add a new language in minutes - no hacks or required. If you wish, website visitors can be automatically switched to the language set in their browser’s settings. Forget the inconvenience of searching for a language switch button!


lmpressPages CMS features inline editing with prototype powered drag&drop feature that allows easy building of pages with multiple components: rich text, html text, simple form builder, image gallery. Amazing and promising!

Marvin Ryan,