Interview with Tinggly.

How focusing on core business areas helps create unique experience gifts solution 

Meet our friends from Tinggly. We are interested in people and companies who use ImpressPages so here is the short interview how ImpressPages are used.

Define in one sentence.

Tinggly is Simple & inspiring global gift which allows gift recipients to identify & realize their dream experience anywhere in the world!

Give us more details on experiences that you’re proud of

People behind Tinggly are obsessed with experiences. Some of us are proud of passion for cooking, some for meditations in Himalayas or others for Fighter jet flights with Ukrainian pilots. The list is endless and the way we created Tinggly was fascinating. We reached out to the travelers community and asked them to recommend the best experiences of their lives and travel. Then we have selected those that we treat as being the best in the world. A few of our favorite are Shark Dive in South Africa, a Walk with a Monk in Nepal, or Walking with Lions in Zimbabwe. The selection is broad and everyone will find something they love.

What technology is used behind Tinggly?

We combine several tools on our website. First of all we have our own PHP script that handles gift purchase and reservation. This is a very unique script fine tuned for this specific market. Throughout the years in previous businesses we developed this script and always working to make it even better.

For content editing we are using ImpressPages. We didn't want to rewrite our custom code, so we have used Drag & Drop plugin to make ImpressPages work inside Tinggly existing CMS. It’s really simple for content editors to fine tune content, add new and update existing content.

Drag & Drop is much easier for website editors to handle various content issues and much more simple solution that to create it yourself.

What is unique about Tinggly?

There are dozens of experience gift companies in almost each country in the world. But there there was not a single one which would be global. All of competitors are offering local experiences for local clients. We are very proud to have created totally unique product which is Simple and Inspiring gift solution for people who love to travel and are looking for additional emotions and memories to spice up their next holiday, next weekend, next travel.

Tinggly is a gift which is perfect for any person working and living in any country of the world as long as they love to travel. Thats totally new and unique!

What did you learn when creating Tinggly?

First of all we had lots of fun and that is super important in business. We have build new relationships, new friendships and new partnerships. So first of all there was a ton of learning in relationship building.

It was very encouraging to have so much positive response to our business idea and brand. We have had people contacting us from various places of the world even before we were live and suggesting ideas and offering help. This was totally unexpected and massively appreciated. We are very open at Tinggly and looking for evangelists, ambassadors, bloggers and partnerships. We love what we do and would like to work only with people who think alike.

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