10 Beautiful Websites Running On ImpressPages vol.2

The Internet is beautiful. Mostly because of so many gorgeous websites out there. And we're happy to be a part of it! This time we collected 10 of those beautiful website examples that are running on ImpressPages . Check the list for inspiration and go build one of your own.

1. The secrets of health

Website: www.mumio.lt
 Creative Partner

This beautiful website was built for a mysterious food supplement Mumio. Often called "mountain balsam" it is said to be a source of good health. We especially like the color palette and custom hand-written fonts used here.

2. Music is the key

Website: www.keyproduction.co.uk
Ant&Bee Media

This website was built for UK's independent music agency Key Productions. Bold contrast of black and white (with a pinch of other colors every now and then) greatly correlates with the artists they represent – Nick Cave, Pixies, Mogwai. And these are just several names from the list!

3. Some serious business

Website: ekonomikoskonferencija.lt
Agency: The Chocolate

Website dedicated to economics conference held in Lithuania. Quite a simple solution more oriented to the clarity of presenting content. Still, we like that moderate color palette which creates a suitable atmosphere for a formal event.

4. Let there be LED

Website: www.ledok.lt
Agency: Creative Partner

This website looks as bright as the product it represents! LED OK is all about LED lighting solutions for private homes and businesses. The company is still quite young so the colors, fonts and dynamic background used in the website design truly represent their youthfulness.

5. Lay back and dream of French Riviera...

Website: www.belounge.fr

We love this one because of the well excecuted vertical scroll! The content is presented in a very appealing way with texts accompanied by lots of images. The vertical scroll naturally takes you through the whole story of the company. 

6. New shopping experience

Website: www.go9.lt
Agency: The Chocolate / WEBGuru

Different point of view, that's what this website is about. New design came along with the renovation of the shopping center itself. Fresh and bold colors, easy navigation, and accurate information makes the website an appealing example.

7. Far better than Gutenberg's press

Website: www.alpine-press.co.uk

The design of Alpine Press's website breathes professionalism. From the moderate color palette to simple layout based on the ease to find desired content. Plus, their contact page is a true rolemodel of good contact pages!

8. We are all golden

Website: www.golden-restaurant.com

This is a beautiful example of a multilingual website running on ImpressPages. Built for a restaurant in Prishtina, Kosovo, it comes with two language options – Shqip (Albanian) and English for international users. Also, our applause for very well incorporated booking and feedback forms.

9. Color splash from Argentina

Website: www.maticestrelew.com

This colorful and full of energy website is not only beautiful in itself but also super responsive. Check it out on your laptop, tablet, smartphone...doesn't matter, still gorgeous!

10. Track that duck!

Website: trackduck.com

Trackduck is an ambitous startup dealing with visual feedback and issue tracking. We love their 
Facebook-timeline-like explanation of how it all works and the simple, minimalistic but memorable design.

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