9 Web Tools We Use Everyday

Toothbrush, knife and fork  those are just several everyday tools we can't live without. What about the web? Our team decided to make a list of the most common web tools used in their daily work. Take a look and maybe you'll find something new and worthy! 

To keep it tidy

We believe order boosts productivity. And even though our desks never look tidy enough, our task management is done neatly with Trello. Visual workflow makes it really easy to follow up every task and know the stage it's in. Plus, you can assign team members to tasks.

While Trello is for tasks, most of us use Evernote to document personal thoughts and ideas. Which then turn to tasks, of course. It's nice that you can have this digital notebook on any device and it's easily synchronized so no bits of thought get lost.

Writing down tasks on Evernote is easy, clipping pics is not. That's when Dragdis comes in handy. Basically, anything from the web (images, videos, texts, urls...) can be saved with one drag&drop. Really goes above and beyond all that bookmarking and "save as" nonsense.   

To keep it smart

Travis is a continuous integration service used to build and test projects hosted at GitHub. Our tech minds Audrius, Mangirdas and Algimantas use it to test ImpressPages system online.

This tool came especially in handy when developing ImpressPages 4.0. We ran several A/B testings of the new design and rewritten copy on Visual Website Optimizer. The heatmap and clickmap features are also very useful when deciding on implementing new CTO buttons and such.

With all that buzz on the web it's easy to get lost. To avoid that, Justina uses Colibri IO. It's a neat growth hacking tool to keep an eye on the specific topics you're interested in. Sort of like Mention (which we tried before) or Google Alerts but more user-friendly, fetches information from very different sources. Plus, you can sync it with Google Analytics and add other team members.

To keep it going

Best music streaming so far. We just love how Spotify is full of music that we like and how easy it is to create personal playlists. Thus, when in need of inspiration or just wanting to hide from babbling colleagues we dive into this world of sounds.

We find beautiful things on the web everyday so why not share them? And why not on Pinterest. Mindaugas has created some really nice boards expressing his view on style, graphic and web design, start ups and even CMSs!


Oh the drink of Gods...Really, if coffee was digital, it would be the first one in the list of web tools we use. Still, we drink so much of it we couldn't leave it behind. The office has a nice Espresso machine but whenever we're in town it's flat whites all the way!

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