My Experience With ImpressPages:
Jeremy & Herolind

Your feedback is what makes us grow. So we are extremely happy that two of our community members, Jeremy Monroe (USA) and Herolind Bytyçi (Kosovo), agreed to share their experience of working with ImpressPages.

What web development tools have you been using before?

I have used Concrete5 and WordPress mainly. The first one I still use in my work but when it comes to WP, I find it pretty monotonous and believe it works better as a blogging software.

Herolind: Usually I was using PHP and MySQL. I also tried VIVVO CMS. Two problems always occurred: it took me too much time to develop and design all pages one by one; plus the content management for clients was a pain. 

How did you come across ImpressPages?

: I was googling and it popped out in the results. The first thing that caught my attention was the ability to create and edit websites so easily. 

Herolind: A friend told me about ImpressPages. He was using it for a long time. I was intrigued by the easy content management and drag&drop feature.

How did you start with ImpressPages?

: I built a demo site on a domain I already had. Actually, I am working on a live site as we speak. The learning curve was, well...there‘s no learning curve. If you know how to click a mouse, then you‘ll know how to successfully use ImpressPages. Drag and drop beautifully creates that ease of use a lot of us were looking for.

Herolind: I went straight to building stable websites. Somehow I believed in ImpressPages from the first sight. It was easy to adapt and start working. It was a relief to work with Themes because all I had to do was to write a few lines in the code and I could create a custom theme for my clients.

What makes ImpressPages attractive to use?

 ImpressPages being open source was also an advantage because it means the software‘s free and I get to be involved, become a part of community.

Grid is also important because it allows to develop sites without much coding. Drag&drop – does it get any easier?

Herolind: Multi-linguality was also important to me – before, to make a site with more than one language, I had to manually install the CMS with same design for every language.

I like the pre-made widgets, especially Form because it‘s easy. Before I had to build them manually with PHP.

What do you still miss in ImpressPages?

: Nothing that I can think of at the moment. Getting used to the pleasure of it being built using MVC architecture. I think this really enhances IP as well as brings new capabilities to the future.

Herolind: I would love to have a more sophisticated News widget. I‘d like for it to allow me to add news from menu like articles. That I could choose in which page to show it with a simple PHP code. I would also like to have a mobile plugin that creates a new directory or URL, for example or I‘d like to create different themes and content for mobile. 

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