RSS Plugin For ImpressPages and Reasons To Get It

You ask for plugins, we make them happen. Here's another one for your blog – RSS plugin for ImpressPages. Make sure your readers are always updated on the hottest news. Here's more information about the RSS technology itself.

What's RSS and what it does?

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed format. In simpler words, it’s a technology that lets you keep track of changes, particularly content published on the web. 

RSS delivers regularly updated customized web content to your RSS Reader. In most cases an RSS document includes summarized text and metadata like release date and author's name.

Who uses it and why should I?

Many news-related sites, web magazines, blogs, and other online publishers use RSS to provide the ability for people to stay updated on topics they care about. With RSS you can receive blog entries, headlines, audio, video, podcasts and other media.

Why should you consider using RSS? Well, only because it…

  • keeps you informed with no extra effort (no need to manually check every bookmark you created);
  • stores the latest and most relevant (to you) content in one place;
  • ensures your privacy as you don’t have to provide personal data;
  • serves as a handy mediator between online publishers and readers.

3 facts about RSS to shine at a party!

RDF Site Summary, the first version of RSS, was released in March 1999 on My.Netscape.Com portal.

Dan Libby renamed it from RDF to RSS (Rich Site Summary).

RSS icon (or feed icon) was created by Stephen Horlander, a Mozilla Designer and symbolizes broadcasting.

Let's put it to work!
Hit the RSS button at the bottom of this page and subscribe to our blog.

Need one for your blog?

Download RSS plugin for ImpressPages now!

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