ImpressPages 4.0.17 Released With Simplified Install

One more ImpressPages release is out! Read this blog post to know more about ipFormat... functions and GRID updates; bug fixes and, most importantly, simplified install process. Now it takes only two steps! Let's see how it works.

Main updates


  • ipFormatBytes function now require context argument
  • all ipFormat... functions accepts optional languageCode parameters instead of languageId
  • GRID 'joinQuery' support to manage joined tables
  • GRID filterUpdate method
  • GRID exclude individual fields from search
  • ipRoute() shorthand to get information about current route
  • Better support of time zone setting in ipFormatTime functions
  • Bug fixes

Simplified install process

Now you can install ImpressPages in two simple steps. Once you've downloaded the software, provide your website configuration data. If your system meets all the requirements, you will be automatically transferred to database installation.

Once the installation is complete, you will be automatically transferred to your website where you can change your username and password.

Step 1 

Step 2 

Usage statistics

With this release we are starting to collect ImpressPages usage statistics. Don't be put off by that, no website content is transferred. It helps us to understand our users better, issues they may be facing and base future improvement of ImpressPages on it. 

Download ImpressPages 4.0.17 now and try out the new installation!

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