ImpressPages 4.0 released!

It’s been one hell of a party these past three months. But we are finally ready to say finito, ImpressPages 4.0 is ready! This release was an important checkpoint for us and we made it. Now we want YOU to rob us a bit of our excitement and happiness. As of today, you can download the new version, start exploring and build beautiful stable websites on it. 

Easy code meets easy admin

For five years now ImpressPages has been powering websites all over the world. We’ve seen some good and bad stuff together (oh, the debugging...). Yet, we always wanted to take our users out for new experiences and get more fellows on board. That’s why for over a 100 days we’ve been scrubbing our keyboards to bring you the new, improved version of ImpressPages.

Our goal was simple – turn it into a common sense tool.

And we’re pretty darn proud to have made it like this. Not edge cutting, groundbreaking or life changing, but common sense. Useful and usable. ImpressPages 4.0 was designed to empower people to create beautiful websites with quality content and do it with no hassle.

For this, clean code is upfront.

With the new MVC engine and handy pre-built features (like multi-linguality, translations, grid etc.) developers can create powerful systems in no time, add their own themes and plugins. ImpressPages 4.0 is fully customizable to your and your clients’ needs.

But the true beauty lies elsewhere.

Rhetorical question: as a developer, did you ever had that feeling of insecurity or despair that your client won’t be able to use the website to its maximum? (we know you did)

Poof, gone. With ImpressPages 4.0 content management is easy, fun and addictive. I swear, I did waste some time writing this post just by adding and deleting adding and deleting widgets!

Now the user interface is as beautiful and functional as it gets.

Such cornerstones as inline editing and drag&drop stayed but improved – it takes only one drag&drop to create a new field and it takes one click to edit it. Managers can add any content they wish – from text, pictures, videos to polls and menus which usually take a lot of time and effort. Less questions plus less misunderstandings equals more work gets done. Just find a developer who will do the coding right and you’re good to go. It’s a win win!

Read the full list of features here.

If you're a current user, see this info on migration from 3.x to 4.0.

And stop hesitating! Download, install, create.

Also, we’d like to ask for a small favor...

We do our best to get the word out, but your testimonials stand on top of the whole publicity. You use it, you know it, so please share the news with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, a stranger on the street...Our hat’s off to you!

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