Weekly Support Recap #1

Hey all! We start a new blog column called "Weekly Support Recap". Every week we will update you on support issues that we've been dealing with. This time it's widget layouts; custom widget settings; single and double quotes.

Where have widget layouts gone?

Relax, widget layouts didn't go anywhere. ImpressPages 4 now calls them "skins". By default only one widget (Divider) has more than one skin. That's why it looks like they are missing. The mechanics of skins are pretty much the same as layouts on ImpressPages 3. Click here to read the documentation regarding this issue.

How to add custom widget settings?

Each widget has a settings icon on the left hand corner. By default, it only appears on Divider widget but you can add settings to any widget. It can be done by catching ipWidgetManagementMenu filter

Hot to get single or double quotes in text?

You have to turn off magic_quotes setting in PHP or update to ImpressPages 4.0.14.

This setting was introduced to fix security issues on poor applications years ago. Apparently, it was bad idea and now this setting is deprecated on PHP 5.3 and removed on PHP 5.4.

Nevertheless, we have made a fix that undoes the harm made by magic_quotes starting with ImpressPages 4.0.14 version.

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