Weekly Support Recap #3

We keep bringing you the good stuff. This time in weekly support recap: multilingual routes; plugin dependency; a round up on recently released plugins. Read to know more.

How to create multilingual routes?

Last week Azuka asked how to create language specific routes. Apparently, all routes are multi-lingual by default. Thus, if you create /contacts route, it is by default accessible in all languages: /xx/contacts, /yy/contacts, etc.

"Then why /en/contacts is not working", you might ask? It may not work because English language by default has an empty URL setting and /contacts means English language in that case.

Plugin dependency

Beko on IRC channel asked how to create dependencies in plugins, eg. what if your plugin depends on User plugin to be installed first. 

We had specific rules how to set dependencies on plugins in ImpressPages 3. That didn't work very well as users had to install plugins in exact order.

Apparently, in all perspectives it is much better to do dependency check from within plugin and turn off features that depend on other plugins until that plugin is installed. Even if your plugin completely relies on other plugin, it is still much better to show a warning when user tries to use it.

Plugin round up

Something's not working?
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