Form example

Form, file upload and custom validator example for ImpressPages.


Submit form with file input on the website front-end.

Grid panel to edit submitted records.


1. Upload FormExample directory to your website's Plugin directory.
2. Login to the administration area.
3. Go to Plugins panel, locate Form example plugin and click activate button.


1. Point your web browser to
2. Click Submit new image button.
3. Enter your name, your e-mail and image title.
4. Upload your image by clicking Upload button.
5. Click Save button.
6. Web browser opens a webpage confirming successful upload. Click Show all images button.
7. Web page displays uploaded images, their titles, authors and submission dates.
8. To edit the list, login to administration site and then open Form example grid panel.

Feel free to use this sample code as a basis, and extend it's features.

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