Widget skeleton

This is a skeleton widget you can build your own widget on. This is the fastest way to build your own widget with your own set of data fields.


Gives a form to enter title and text, then displays entered data.


  1. Upload WidgetSkeleton directory to your website's Plugin directory.
  2. Login to the administration area.
  3. Go to Plugins tab, locate Widget skeleton plugin and click activate button.


  • Drag Widget Skeleton icon from administration toolbar to desirable place.
  • Enter data and press confirm.


Change managementForm method in AdminController.php file to add your own fields to the widget's management form.

Change Widget/WidgetSkeleton/skin/default.php file to control the output of the widget. All fields defined in managementForm method will be available here as variables.

You likely would like to give your name to this plugin. To do so, replace all 'WidgetSkeleton' instances to anything you like. Don't forget to rename folder and file names too and reactivate the plugin.

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