Newsletter subscription example (MVC)

MVC example for ImpressPages. 


 Adds Newsletter widget to widgets toolbar. This widget allows user to submit e-mail address, which is then displayed in Newsletter example grid panel on the administration page.


1. Upload NewsletterRegistration directory to your website's Plugin directory.
2. Login to the administration area.
3. Go to Plugins panel, locate Newsletter example plugin and click activate button. 


1. Open administration page and edit your webpage content.
2. Drag Newsletter widget to your content area.
3. Preview your webpage, enter sample e-mail address and click Submit button. As a result, success message is displayed.
4. To see the list of submitted e-mail addresses, open administration site and then open Newsletter registration grid panel. 


This simple MVC example does not contain e-mail confirmation, CAPTCHA or IP address verification checks. Feel free to use this sample code as a basis to develop your own plugins. 

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